What licence do the downloaded files have?

Our stock images are on standard licence. You can also choose an extended licence for more benefits.

Can i edit the stock images?

Yes. Our royalty free images can be edited to suit the intended purpose.

How do I search for files?

If you have a specific term you can use the search bar to locate files. Alternatively, there's also a tag based category system which you can use.

How do I make a purchase on Jewellery Stock Image?

Simply go to the homepage and sign up to create an account which you can log in to, add filters and search through the results. Once you find a stock image you like, click on it to download. This will lead you to checkout page where you can pay for the image. Once that is done and payment is received, you will be able to download it.

Can I get a refund for downloaded images?

No. We do not refund already downloaded files. It is advisable that you download the free version first just to be sure it is the image you want.

Can I purchase only one image?

Yes, we do not have bundled pricing yet. We allow our customers to purchase even a single stock image.

Can I get free stock image samples?

Our stock images come in 4 sizes, the smallest size is free to download.